Part 2, Lessons of Job

Part 2, Lessons of Job

Together with kindness and in understanding, let’s take this time to self reflect. I am here to inspire, encourage, and remind you that God has given us the most important weapon we have to fight the enemy, His Word.

Now let’s dress our soul like we dress our bodies, EVERYDAY!

Part 2, Lessons of Job

“When they saw him from a distance they could hardly recognize him; they began to weep aloud, and they tore their robes and sprinkled dust on their heads.” Job 2:12 NIV

briefly let’s review some points from last week’s lesson on Job. Job was a righteous man in Gods eyes, and he was allowed to undergo a variety of trials initiated by Satan, but permitted and limited by God, in order to demonstrate Job’s righteousness and faithfulness. He dealt with devastating family, financial, and health issue.

Even in all these woes we can take away some lessons of Job that may help us:

  • God is Great, His greatness surpasses our imagination of what greatness truly looks like because we are limited.
  • Our strength is in God, not ourselves.
  • Our faith works only when we work our faith. Faith is an action word.
  • Get somewhere and sit down, we gotta learn to be still ya’ll, I am not telling you what I think here, I am telling you what I know, I can hear so much better when I am still. That’s it, just breathe.
  • We must recognize that each person’s suffering is unique. Sometimes people are not going to understand how we feel in the heat of our struggles, but God does. He is the one we can pour everything out too; believe me friends He can handle it.
  • Sometimes my dear hearts, we may never know “why” don’t let it stop you from experiencing Gods healing to move on, because at the end of the day we must put and keep our trust in Him.

Regardless of the trials and challenges we face friends, God rewards faithfulness. He is not looking for perfection, I believe he is looking for people who when they fall, they get back up and try again. Will we let anything separate us from the Love of God?

Remember friends, we are each other’s keeper and the only time we should be looking down on someone is when we are helping them up.

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