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Abraham & Isaac

Abraham & Isaac

The Lord will Make a Way Somehow

“Take your son, your only son, whom you love-Isaac-and go to the region of Moriah. Sacrifice him there as a burnt offering on a mountain I will show you.” Genesis 22:2 NIV

Growing up as a kid, there were lots of decisions my parents made that I didn’t understand. As a child I trusted, that wherever we were (new city, community, or church) I was safe, because we would be together. As a kid there was security in that for me. Naturally I would dream about what my new school would be like. Would I make friends? I hoped to have nice teachers too. I thought about things like our new church home, and what the people were like. Would they love my family, like Mr. Christ did? Would there be kids my age or just adults and babies who can’t talk.

When Abraham and Sarah were old God gave them a son. I see Isaac, as a loving son, who loved his family. He trusted his daddy. Did you know that Abraham waited 25 years for the gift of a son? Abraham trusted God’s promise, and in time he had a son to spend time with and pour love into.

One day friends, God told Abraham to do something that no doubt had him scratching his head. God told him to take his son Isaac to a special mountain and give him as a sacrifice. Maybe for a fleeting second, he thought about the bad humor of God in that request. Maybe?

Can you see Abraham taking a deep breath as he slows his row, to think for a minute. He remembered that God promised that Isaac would have a family. If he was to be a sacrifice, then how would he have his own family one day? Here we see the season salt of wisdom kicked in his mind. He knew God would make away somehow.  He did not know how, instead he believed God would keep his promise.

Nevertheless, Abraham obeyed. Early in the morning he and Isaac, two helpers along with their supplies on a donkey, began their three-day journey. Can you imagine the conversations they shared? I am sure Abraham’s mind was on his son the whole way. When they arrived, only Abraham and Isaac went up the mountain.

Here we see an inquisitive Isaac, who paid attention to the things around him as he noticed there was something missing-the sacrifice.  He asked his daddy, where was the lamb to sacrifice to God? Abraham according to the scripture said, “my son, God will provide himself a lamb for the burnt offering.” Here again it’s obvious that Isaac had no idea that he was to be the sacrifice.

Abraham built the altar and got ready to offer Isaac to God, but a voice called from heaven and said, “Abraham, I see that you were willing to do what I said. You do not have to offer your son Isaac.” There in the thicket was a ram caught for the sacrifice.  Abraham called the place, “the Lord will provide.”

To me this story wasn’t really about sacrifice, but instead faithfulness and the provision of an on-time God. What he says, He will do! Trust him friends, He will make a way somehow. Amen.

Remember friends, we are each other’s keeper and the only time we should be looking down on someone is when we were helping them up.