Mother’s Day Thought

Mother’s Day Thought

Together with kindness and in understanding. Let’s take this time to self reflect. I am here to inspire, encourage, and remind you God has given us the most important weapon we have to fight the enemy, his word.

Now let’s dress our bodies like we dress our souls, EVERYDAY!


Mother’s Day Thought

“Rather, beauty is something internal that can’t be destroyed. Beauty expresses itself in a gentle and quiet attitude which God considers precious.” I Peter 3:4 (GOD’S WORD Translation)

We See You. You are the busy woman, wife, and mother taking care of her family. We See You. You are that mother who is both mother and father. We See You. You are the woman who has no children but has given life to many with support and encouragement. We See You. The sacrifices you make, the late nights on the job, extra hours here and there, part-time gigs, as you push yourself through school to give yourself and family more opportunities. We See You. The often sleepless nights, praying in the midnight for God’s guidance and direction, as you check the kid’s homework, and look over yours. We see you. Raising your grandbabies to give them a stable home. We See You. You are the mother of an incarcerated child, oh how you look for them to come home. We See You. You are the mother of a sick child, your love for them is their strength and your touch is their comfort. We See You. Your child has gone to be with the Lord and not a day goes by you don’t miss them. We See You. You have such a beautiful spirit! You are kind and care about others. You are focused on not just the goal, but the journey of getting there as you breathe in every moment. We See You. You are womanhood, even in the eye of the raging storms you glow. Through you, I know beauty can come out of ashes. We See You. Your faith in God is a living testimony, God hears every prayer and will wipe away every tear. Yes, I See You.

Remember we are each others keeper and the only time we should be looking down on someone is when we are helping them up.

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